East Cobb Dentistry When You Have a Cold

Cold and flu season is here, and it leaves many people with a dilemma when they inevitably come down with a bug. Their dentist appointment is coming up soon, and rescheduling can be really difficult. Sometimes for cleanings, if you cannot make your scheduled appointment, the soonest you can get back in is in several months. Appointments book up fast, so it can be tempting to still go in to get East Cobb dentistry services, sick or not. Here’s what you should do if you are sick and have a dental appointment to go to.

It’s Usually Not a Case of Getting the Dentist Sick

Most dentists are not worried about getting sick from their patients who happen to have come down with a cold or flu virus. Typically, they wear a mask anyway when working with patients, which reduces their chances of contracting a virus from a sick patient. Ask your dental practice what you should do and if you should cancel your appointment or keep it. In fact, some dental practices have protocol for when patients are sick and may put them in a separate room and ask that they also wear a mask until the dentist sees them.

Congestion Is an Issue

When working on your teeth, you typically have to breathe in through your nose. If you are congested — due to a cold or flu virus, or even just allergies — this can make a dental appointment much more difficult. Congestion can also inhibit sedation if you require nitrous oxide during your appointment to relieve pain and anxiety as the dentist works on you. Nitrous oxide is typically delivered through the nose, and congestion may prevent you from absorbing enough of the medicine to be effective. If you are congested and your East Cobb dentistry practice still wants you to come in for your appointment, ask about different types of sedation if you are too congested for nitrous oxide.

IV sedation may be an option and will put you to sleep for the entire procedure. It’s not general anesthesia though and is often termed “twilight anesthesia”. You’ll wake up shortly after the procedure, but won’t remember what happened. As with any kind of sedation at a dentist’s office, make sure you have someone to drive you home.

How Do You Feel?

If you have a fever, chills, and a bodyache that is barely letting you get out of bed, it is probably not even feasible for you to go to the dentist. Let your dentist know you are ill as soon as possible so they can try to fill your appointment slot. Sometimes that is not possible, however, so ask your dentist if they charge a cancellation fee, and if it can be waived since you have a legitimate reason.

If you feel okay and can get up and around for the most part, consider going ahead and making your appointment. Rescheduling can be difficult, and if you have serious dental problems, skipping an appointment could make it worse. Just be transparent with your dentistry office and let them guide you.

Contact Shallowford Dental today for an appointment to keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you get sick before your appointment, we can help you find solutions to still get the oral care you need. Call now at (770) 578-1331.

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