How Sedation Dentistry Will Improve Your Dental Experience

If fear, anxiety or panic disorders prevent you from having cosmetic dentistry procedures completed, you may be relieved to hear about sedation dentistry. With this approach, you can peacefully rest from the beginning to end of the procedure while your dentist performs the work required to restore your smile. The sedatives used for sedation dentistry are easily delivered by mouth or directly injected into the vein. You will receive complete monitoring and support through the procedure to ensure you remain in great health every step of the way. When you choose sedation dentistry, you take back control of your mind and body while having the cosmetic dental work you want performed at last.

Choosing Complete Oral Sedation

Although light twilight sedatives can take the edge off anxiety while in the dental chair, they are not always enough for patients with extreme fears or panic issues. Instead, it is possible to select stronger and longer lasting oral sedation methods for your visits. With this option, you will remain completely sedated throughout every phase of the procedure. Only when your dentist is finished performing your dental work will you be gently awoken to receive your aftercare instructions and head home.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry takes fear, anxiety and panic completely out of the equation throughout your cosmetic dentistry procedures. You will not remember any part of the procedure to keep the potential for traumatic recall fully minimized. With sedation dentistry, your dentist can often complete the procedure in fewer sessions to minimize the number of times you have to come into the clinic. The fewer number of sessions also help bolster your recovery times since the oral structures undergo less trauma overall.

Procedure Completion and Recovery

At the completion of your sedation dentistry appointment, you will be allowed to rest in the dental chair until you naturally awaken as the medications wear off. You might feel slightly groggy and disoriented at first, but your dental care provider will help you ground yourself and become fully aware of your surroundings. You may continue to feel tired for a few hours after the appointment until the medication completely wears off.

Your dentist will give you a written description of your aftercare instructions and require that someone drive you home. Until the medication fully cycles out of your system, you should refrain from operating a motor vehicle or working with any other heavy machinery. Depending on your procedure, you will likely need to rest for the remainder of the day to give your teeth, gums and other oral structures a chance to begin healing.

Choosing Sedation Dentistry for Your Next Cosmetic Dental Procedure

If you need to acquire care from a cosmetic dentist well-versed in sedation dentistry practices, contact the team at Shallowford Dental today. You will receive a thorough examination and consultation to help you identify the best treatment plan and procedures for your unique oral health situation. During your consultation, make sure to indicate that you want to utilize heavy sedation to remain sedated throughout the planned procedures.

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