Find Migraine Prevention That Actually Works at Shallowford Dental

Migraine headaches are very common with more than 3 million cases reported in the US alone, every year. The symptoms can often ruin your day and control your life, and treatments that work can be hard to find. Here at Shallowford Dental, we see chronic sufferers almost every day and we’re happy to say that we are often able to provide migraine prevention that other doctors have looked over.

Symptoms of a Migraine

One or two day before the migraine sets in you may feel some physical symptoms such as mood changes, food cravings, neck stiffness, increased thirst, or frequent yawning.
Sometimes patients experience auras with a migraine. An aura can be anything from flashes of light or wavy, zig-zagging lines, to pins and needles sensations or difficulty speaking. Auras typically last 5 minutes to an hour and then let up before the headache sets in.
Once the migraine begins, it can last from 4-72 hours if untreated. Common symptoms during a migraine attack include: pain on one or both sides of the head; throbbing or pulsing pain; sensitivity to light, sounds, smells, or touch; nausea and vomiting; blurred vision; feeling lightheaded or fainting.
After the height of the migraine has subsided you may still feel confused, moody, dizzy, weak, or sensitive to light and sound for up to 24 hours.

Common Migraine Prevention Techniques at Home

If you’re a long time sufferer of migraine headaches, you’ve probably tried several home or medical remedies that offered little relief or didn’t work at all for you. The reason for this is that these migraine prevention treatments often only treat the symptoms of the migraine, not the root cause. Some of the most common ways people try to prevent their migraines are:

    • Medications: These often come with dangerous side effects and toxicity.
    • Muscle relaxation exercises: Gradual relaxation of muscles through cognitive therapy, meditation, or yoga are sometimes suggested to prevent migraines
    • Sleep: Getting enough sleep each night can solve many health issues and may help alleviate migraine symptoms during the day.
    • Rest: A common instinct when you feel a headache coming on is to lay in bed in a darkened room and try to rest for 20 minutes. Sometimes an ice pack or gently massaging the head can provide relief.

These common migraine prevention techniques are often suggested at the time a headache is beginning but they don’t solve the underlying issues of what causes the migraine. That’s why they usually provide little or no relief to chronic migraine sufferers.

Shallowford Dental’s Migraine Prevention Techniques

At Shallowford Dental, we understand how debilitating a migraine headache can be. That’s why we are dedicated to finding the root cause of our patient’s pain, and providing them with the relief they need.
When you visit us for migraine prevention we will ask a variety of questions to determine the frequency and severity of your migraines, as well as what other treatments you may have tried and how effective they were. The most important part, though, is that we will examine your teeth and jaw to assess your condition. If it’s determined that your teeth or jaw are a cause of your headache pain, we can provide specific recommendations that can completely eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, your reliance on other treatments such as medication.

If migraine pain is preventing you from living your best life, you owe it to yourself to contact Shallowford Dental today for an appointment. Our award winning dentist, Dr. Sanjay Patel, puts each patient’s comfort and concern at the forefront. Our office is conveniently located in Marietta with easy access from Woodstock, Kennesaw, and Roswell. Call us today at (770) 578-1331 or contact us online to schedule your appointment!

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