Finally Cure Your TMJ Pain at Shallowford Dental

Do you suffer from pain or tenderness of your jaw, aching pain in and around your ear, difficulty chewing or pain while chewing, or locking of the joint which makes it difficult to open or close your mouth? Do you have a clicking or popping sound in your jaw? You might be suffering from Temporomandibular Jaw (TMJ) disorder. TMJ, also referred to as TMD, is very common with over 3 million cases in the US every year.

What are the symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

As previously mentioned, symptoms of TMJ disorder include pain and tenderness in your jaw, an aching pain around your ear, difficulty chewing or pain while chewing, and locking or popping in your jaw making it difficult to open and close your mouth.

You may also experience a grating sensation when you open your mouth or chew. If the pain and tenderness are persistent, or if you can’t open or close your mouth completely, contact our TMJ dentists at Shallowford Dental to schedule an appointment. There’s no need to live with TMJ pain!

Why Does TMJ Disorder Occur?

TMJ disorder is very common and can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • Misaligned bite or the way your teeth come together.
  • A small, shock-absorbing disk in your jaw may erode or move out of alignment causing the bones to rub together when you move your jaw.
  • The cartilage that covers the joints in your jaw may be damaged by arthritis.
  • If you been in an accident, the joint may have been damaged by impact.

You may develop TMJ if you have:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or other forms of arthritis
  • Injury to the jaw
  • Chronic grinding or clenching of the teeth, commonly while asleep
  • Certain forms of connective tissue diseases

Common TMJ Treatments

Here at Shallowford Dental we have a variety of ways to cure or ease your chronic TMJ pain by realigning your bite.

Physical therapy exercises to stretch and strengthen jaw muscles can also help relieve mild pain symptoms for some. Exploring your daily habits to find the source of your TMJ pain can provide insight into eliminating the pain you may not know is easily treatable.

How Can Shallowford Dental’s TMJ Dentists Help Cure Your Pain?

TMJ pain can be frustrating and even debilitating if accompanied by migraine pain. There’s no need for this pain and we want to help you find relief without drugs and treat the cause of your TMJ, not just the symptoms.

Before beginning TMJ treatment our dentist will examine your teeth, joints, and muscles in your jaw. We may take X-rays and inquire about your medical history and what you’ve been doing to manage your TMJ pain on your own so far. Using a computerized Jaw Tracking Machine we may check your muscles to see if they are the cause of your problems.

Sometimes the best TMJ treatment is to correct poorly aligned teeth.

Although there are a variety of treatment options, and no treatment works for everyone, many patients find TMJ pain relief after visiting Shallowford Dental. Our award-winning TMJ dentist, Dr. Sanjay Patel, is one of only a handful of practitioners in the state of Georgia that possesses the rigorous training and years of experience required to diagnose and treat jaw pain problems such as TMJ/TMD.

To begin feeling relief, please contact us at Shallowford Dental today at 770-578-1331, or schedule your appointment online. We look forward to seeing you and helping you get back to the pain-free life you deserve!

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